January 30, 2020

We are excited to announce an exciting opportunity for Saint George Church.
On November 29, 2020, Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic will present his first new event in 10 years, Amazing Possibilities here at Saint George.

You have no idea what you are capable of.
None of us do.
God is constantly trying to open our eyes to the amazing possibilities that he has enfolded in our being.
Want to go deeper with your faith?
Want to start seeing all the possibilities God has in store for you?

We’re ready when you are…
The world sees who you are.
God sees who you still can be.

Tickets are available beginning January 31st for Saint George and CoHost Churches.
Tuesday, February 4 it will be advertised to the general public.
Tickets will go fast so visit DynamicCatholic.com today to purchase. Tickets only available online at Dynamic Catholic.
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